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  • NOT Debt Snowball
  • NOT Cash Envelopes
  • NOT Debt Consolidation
  • ​NOT Debt Refinancing
  • ​NOT Debt Settlement
  • NOT Debt Snowball
  • ​NOT Cash Envelopes
  • ​NOT Debt Consolidation
  • NOT Debt Refinancing
  • ​NOT Debt Settlement
Finally, A Proven, Easy-To-Understand Plan To Break The Chains Of Debt!

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Here’s what people are saying about this Debt Freedom strategy...

Cecelia A.


"Debt eliminated in 5 years + a retirement asset"!

My husband and I were responsibly paying $900 extra toward our mortgage already. We knew that wasn't the smartest decision from a financial perspective, considering the interest rate is only 3.75%, but the idea of being debt free was just so compelling.

After meeting with the Debt Free Life Specialist, we realized we could use the DFL strategy to get of debt in about the same amount of time while also building an asset! Now, we'll have all our debt entirely paid off in less than 5 years and we'll be in a much better position for retirement!
Gemma P.


"I can't recommend this strategy enough!"

I just wish I had found this solution sooner. I'm so grateful to Stephen and his team for taking the time to guide me through this process - how exactly everything works and the benefits this is bringing to my financial future. There were a lot of new concepts, but with their help, it now makes perfect sense. I feel so much better about my debt elimination and retirement plans!

Using this strategy, I'll be out of debt in 8.3 years and end up saving more than $60,000 in interest payments. I can't recommend this strategy enough to my family and friends!
Ryan M.


"The Best Financial Decision I've Ever Made!"

I was sure that I would die in debt - I had resigned myself to that fact. After hearing about the Debt Free Life strategy, I was skeptical but hopeful.

I never thought it possible, but now - after getting every last question answered - I am certain that in just about 8 years I will be entirely out from under by mortgage, my car, my student loans, and my credit cards. Almost $300,000 gone in record time!

My decision to get started was the best financial decision I've ever made!

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